The Shipwreck Rally was founded with three things in mind: travel, adventure and charity. Why? Well, firstly because travel has now become an easy endeavor: two mouse-clicks and you’ve booked yourself an all-expenses trip to the Caribbean. Gone are the days when traveling was an adventure: you didn’t always know how to get there, you most likely ran out of money and sometimes, your survival depended on the choices you made.

These are a few reasons why the rally is unsupported and the vehicle you’ll be driving won’t be a 4×4. When your last spare tire goes limp on a dirt road right next to the Guatemalan jungle with nobody in sight, in the middle of the night and your cellphone has no reception, you my friend, have just started your adventure. Only 11,000 miles to go.

Adventure for the sake of adventure is fine, but what’s the point if you’re only doing it for yourself? So each team must raise a minimum of $500 for our partner charity. Your entry fee will also be paying to offset the carbon footprint your vehicle will make during the rally. At the end of it all, you’ll be left not only with the memories and satisfaction of having gone where few dare, but also with the knowledge you’ve made a difference in the lives of those who need it.


The Team