Costs What you get and what you are responsible for.

Entry Fee

USD $1135 (+$1000 refundable vehicle deposit)
The sign up deadline is October 31st, 2014. (If you’ve already signed up and you’ve changed your mind, you have until then to request a refund).

Charity Donation

Your team will need to raise $500 for Charity
This can be done on your own or with an online fundraising platform like GoFundMe or crowdrise. We don’t touch any of the funds for the sake of transparency and so that you may enjoy your tax deduction. You will however be required to show proof that you donated the money to our partner charities and that you mentioned it was for Shipwreck Rally™.

You are responsible for:

You will responsible for any expenses during the rally including but not limited to: buying your vehicle, lodging, food, travel+medical+auto insurance, gas, spare parts, visas, shipping the vehicle across The Darién Gap and your return trip. If you are traveling alone you should allow around $75/person/day for living expenses, less if you’re on a team. Of course, depending on where you eat and where you sleep, the cost can be much smaller or much greater.

So what does the entry fee get you?

You get to help the world!
As well as helping some important charities, part of your entry fee is used to erase the carbon footprint your vehicle creates during the rally through CarbonFund. Click through to find out more about our partner charities.
Entry for up to 4 team members
Your entry fee is good for up to four people – they also gain access to the launch party in Austin, Texas and the finish party in Ushuaia, Argentina. Your RaceIt fees, our third-party payment and registration processing partner are also included in the price.
DeLorme inReach SE satellite communicator
Each team will receive one inReach SE device that will allow you to pair it with your smartphone, track your progress as well as send and receive text messages, even if there’s no cell phone reception. If enabled, you will also be allowed to send a distress call (SOS) in case you are in danger. Best of all? The device is yours to keep at the end of the rally. Monthly charges and activation fees apply. Find out more here.
Launch party in Austin, Texas
On November 5th, we will all gather in downtown Austin and share some great BBQ, drinks and live music. We will pay for your food and 1 drink per person.
Finish Party in Ushuaia, Argentina
You can attend or not. If you do, the date is February 5th. We will cover your food and one drink.
Decals for your vehicle
We will provide you with 2 18″x24″ custom-printed waterproof vinyl sheets with 3 main decals and 5 bumper stickers for your car (smaller decals for motorcycles).
Participant T-shirt
Each team member will receive a beautiful premium cotton t-shirt at the start of the rally.
Blog page
Your team name, member bios and photos will be featured on your very own blog page. Your friends will be able to track your progress on this page as well.
Lifetime bragging rights
Only a few brave souls have ever attempted a trip of this scale. You’ll be one of the few, patting yourself on the back for having gone where few dare. You’ll be telling stories to your children and grandchildren until the end of your days.